Queen Elizabeth II ‘upset’ at ‘leaders who talk and do nothing’

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Queen Elizabeth II has expressed her dissatisfaction with world leaders, who are “talking” and “doing nothing”, on a date with the Climate Change Summit, next month.

Her comments were heard Thursday, on the sidelines of the opening session of Parliament, in Wales.

The Queen, who is expected to attend the United Nations climate change summit in Glasgow, said she did not know who would attend.

Prince Charles and Prince William have also expressed concern about climate change.

World leaders will meet in Glasgow from October 31 to November 12 to negotiate a new agreement to curb global warming.

US President Joe Biden and leaders from the Group of Seven will attend the summit. After weeks of hesitation, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed his attendance at the summit on Friday.

However, it is reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping will not attend the summit. But officials in the Chinese government will represent their country in Glasgow.

The British government said each country was solely responsible for confirming its participation in the summit.

The Daily Mail said the videos, in which the Queen’s comments appeared, on the sidelines of the opening of the Welsh Parliament, were captured by live webcams.

The videos, some of which are not heard, show the Queen speaking with the Duchess of Cornwall and Ellen Jones, the speaker of Parliament.

“I’ve heard a lot about the summit, but I don’t know who’s coming,” the Queen began.

In another clip, she appears to say, “All we know is about those who won’t come,” then says, “It’s really annoying when they talk and don’t.”

Jones was apparently referring to the Duke of Cambridge as she responded to the Queen’s comments, saying she had seen him “on TV this morning saying there’s no point in going into space, we have to save Earth”.

Speaking to the BBC, Prince William said investors should focus on saving the Earth, rather than delving into space tourism.

He also warned against “smart statements and strong rhetoric, without sufficient practical measures,” saying that it was “essential” for “communication between world leaders to be clear and frank” about what the problems are, and what are the appropriate solutions to them.

In an interview conducted by the BBC’s climate change editor, Justin Roult, Prince William expressed his fear that world leaders will “just talk” when they meet, saying: “The problem is action on the ground.”


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