Queen Elizabeth II was just eight years old when she met her great love, Prince Philip

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With only eight years old Queen isabel II She already knew who would be the great love of her life, the prince philip, who was already 13 years old. The British monarch met her husband for just over 73 years in one of the most romantic events, a wedding.

Queen Elizabeth II was so in love with Prince Philip, that they even say that the monarch really died of a broken heart after the death of her husband last years. Since her departure, the British sovereign fell ill and since then she has not recovered, so even her grandchildren believe that she went to rest next to his beloved.

How Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II met

It was on November 20, 1947 when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were accepted as husband and wives in front of more than 2,000 guests. The then princess’s wedding was the first to be broadcast around the world when BBC radio brought more than 200 million people to the royal event.

However, their story began several years ago and although not many people can say that they know their partner for almost all their lives, Queen Elizabeth II could. british monarch She met Prince Philip in 1934 when she was just eight years old..

The meeting took place at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece where the seed of love was planted. But this germinated years later since Elizabeth II was 13 years old and the Duke of Edinburgh was 18, when their paths crossed again on a visit by the Royal Family to the Royal Naval College.

At that time, Prince Felipe trained as a cadet in said school and apparently when Queen Elizabeth found him, he fell completely in love, as revealed by the sovereign’s governess, saying that “he never took his eyes off Felipe”. Even though the Duke of Edinburgh didn’t pay the same attention to it, “she never looked at anyone else”, said Margaret Rhodes, cousin of the monarch.

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