Question to Orléanais: for or against the obligatory anti-Covid vaccine?

The question is already dividing the political class and the French, as evidenced by those we polled this Friday, November 20 in Orléans: will it be necessary to make the anti-Covid vaccine compulsory once it leaves the laboratories?

This raises the – legitimate – questions of the lack of perspective as to the potential undesirable effects behind the injection and of an infringement of individual freedoms. A recent poll Odoxa-Dentsu Consulting for Le Figaro and Franceinfo underlines it moreover: one in two French people today would refuse to submit to the “dictate” of compulsory vaccination.

According to the most optimistic forecasts – perhaps also the least careful with regard to their effectiveness and adverse effects -, the first anti-Covid vaccines could arrive in France between spring and autumn 2021. With the “remedy” the question of whether or not it should be made mandatory.


A recent poll may well reveal that one in two French people would comply with the injunction, it was difficult to find him in Orléans on Friday.
Maybe it is Laura, courageous, but not reckless: “I would get vaccinated, yes, but I would ideally wait a year or two to see how it worked out on the others. “

The fifty-year-old Bruno would go to be vaccinated without smirking, him, if it were to become compulsory: “A vaccine would necessarily represent a big step forward. Yes, I would go and get bitten without asking too many questions. “The sales manager would then have in mind” that the vaccines have almost enabled us to beat measles or chickenpox. Why should we doubt that one? ”He asks, without falling into naivety either. “He may not be immediately on pointt, but if this is the price to pay to be able to finally find a normal life … We’re not going to be able to live like this indefinitely, with so few social ties. ”

Further down the sun-drenched street, Catherine says to herself “for” its obligatory nature, but not for everyone: “It should be. only for the elderly and at risk. ”

Jean-Yves is even more radical: “We should not leave the choice to people, they are far too unruly. If it were required, I would submit myself to the vaccine, “he swears.

A reader’s proposal to reconcile health and freedom during the Covid period


Admittedly, almost imperceptible, remains that Muriel has the reflex to do
a leap back, when we inquire about his position on the question, from the place du Martroi. “No one will ever impose this vaccine on me. We will have no hindsight on its side effects.

“I still prefer to be glued to me
in prison !”


Beyond potential adverse effects, it is above all his individual freedom to be vaccinated or not that the official puts forward.

If all choice were to be taken away from the French, host Nadine would not be unduly offended, even if she refused the anti-Covid vaccine: “I am not afraid of the virus, I apply barrier gestures and don’t put me in danger, but I would be afraid for my health if I had to be inoculated with a poorly studied product. “

In the streets of Orléans, this Friday, November 20, the detractors of the compulsory vaccine seem to have won by far in numbers. We almost meet “against”, including Laurence. “Already, I think that ethically, we cannot impose a medical treatment on the population. Even less with the big lack of perspective that we will have on the vaccine, which risks arriving much too quickly.”

Is Manu paradoxical or just French (?), The question arises: “If we make the vaccine mandatory tomorrow, in principle, I would refuse it. But if I’m left with the choice, maybe I’ll go get the shot. ”

“The French are desperate, se navre Victor. You would impose the vaccine on them, they would kick in the stretchers, you give them their free will, they rush to the centers where to be immunized, before denouncing a shortage of vaccines, as they did with the masks, and a calamitous management
of the government.”

David Creff


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