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Questions and answers about the Christmas lighting of the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Bogotá arrives this December with its lighting and Christmas assembly 2021 with a commitment to environmental education for raise awareness about the importance of knowing, valuing and defending the natural wealth of the Colombian Pacific, which includes an immense variety of flora and fauna species, particularly humpback whales.

We present you this ABC so that you can find out everything that comprises the Christmas lighting show ‘Pacificanto’, so that you avoid setbacks on the day of your visit:

1. When is it formally open to the public?

From December 6, 2021 to January 16, 2022, from Sunday to Sunday

2. At what times can you visit the ‘Pacificanto’ lighting?

5:00 PM to 10:00 PM Monday to Sunday and people can stay until 11:00 pm

3. How much is the ticket worth to visit the lighting of the Botanical Garden?

Tickets have a cost of $ 15,000 and can be purchased through the digital channels of TuBoleta and the event’s ticket offices, located in the main square of the Botanical Garden.


4. Does this ticket office include admission to the District Tropicario?

This cost does NOT include entrance to the District Tropicario, whose tickets are sold directly at the Botanical Garden box office. The rates are:

Nationals: $ 5,000 COP

Foreigners: $ 10,000 COP

5. Will the Tropicario schedule be the same as the Christmas tours?

No. The District Tropicario will work from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, understanding that the last group attended by the educator is the one at 8:30 pm

6. Will there be special discounts for some groups or groups?

No. The value of the ticket office is the same for all those interested in visiting the Christmas illumination of the Botanical Garden of Bogotá

7. Can food be brought into the JBB?

No, food is not allowed on the JBB Christmas tours

8. Can I consume or purchase alcoholic beverages during the tour?

No. The consumption of alcoholic beverages as well as cigarettes or any other psychoactive substance is prohibited.

9. Are there food and beverage areas?

Yes, during the tour visitors will find a varied offer of food and drinks

10. Can pets be brought in?

No, because it is a space with special plant collections in the Botanical Garden, pets are not allowed.

11. Is there a biciparqueadero?

Yes, the Garden has this service, although it is not possible to park bicycles without a lock or security chain.

12. Is there vehicle and motorcycle parking?

No. The Garden does not have this service. However, those who require it, can park at the El Salitre Bowling Alley.

13. Is it possible to access the loan of wheelchairs?

Yes, although the availability of units is low

14. Does the ticket office include rain insurance?

No, the tickets do not include this risk

15. Is it possible to request a refund of the money from the rain tickets?

No. No money is returned or refunded for this concept

16. If I purchased tickets, but cancel my visit on the day of purchase, can I use it another time?

Yes. As long as it does not exceed the date of January 16, 2022

17. Is there a ticket office limit for families?

No. There is no sales limit at the ticket office by families or groups, as long as the maximum capacity calculated at 5,000 thousand people is not exceeded.

18. Do you have a nursing point?

Yes. Located at the lake of the Lake

19. In addition to lighting, have other activities been organized?

Yes. Groups of educators will accompany visitors on their tours that also include a photographic exhibition aligned to the theme of the Pacific, infographics and recreational and educational activities that will make this exhibition a memorable experience for adults and children.

20. Does the tour include a light show?

Yes, the lighting in the Garden includes a light and sound show at two points along the route.

21. Can I take photos and videos during my visit and enter cameras and tripods?

Yes, as long as the material obtained is not for commercial purposes

22. Can I take aerial shots with drones?

Drones are not allowed

23. Can I carry out photographic studies on occasions such as weddings, first communions or ceremonies of this nature?

No, this type of registration is not allowed during the days of the Christmas montage.

24. Is it possible to rent spaces at the JBB?

Yes, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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