Questions and Answers About the Covid-19 Vaccine

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection undertook the task of answering and resolving the questions that some of the Colombians have raised with reference to vaccines against covid-19 and the immunization process.

According to the entity, there are some barriers created through social networks and beliefs spread in chains with false information, which have generated resistance in the population to access the vaccine. That is why it presented the following scenarios with their respective clarifications.

Can I drink alcohol before and after getting vaccinated?

Alcohol has a known immunosuppressive effect. That is, it weakens the body’s defense functions if consumed in excess. There is no scientific evidence on the relationship between alcohol intake and vaccination against COVID-19.

However, moderate alcohol consumption is defined and the WHO It is considered dangerous from 20 grams a day, so its consumption always, and especially in case of interacting with drugs or vaccines, must be completely controlled.

Is it possible to do physical activity after being vaccinated against covid-19?

Yes. Vaccination does not contraindicate physical activity; however, the application of the vaccine can cause pain in the arm where it was injected and slightly limit movement during the next three days after vaccination. This expected event depends on the type of vaccine that was administered and is only presented by some people, so it is recommended not to overexert the injected arm.

Does the vaccine prevent me from getting infected?

No. Studies to date indicate that currently available vaccines protect against serious illness and death, meaning that a vaccinated person can become infected with COVID-19, but being vaccinated reduces the probability of becoming seriously ill.

Therefore, you should not lower your guard against self-care measures such as the correct use of a mask (covering nose and mouth), frequent hand washing, social distancing and ventilation of spaces, until we get closer to the herd immunity.

In the history of the world, only one disease has been exterminated, smallpox. Eradicating a disease is a very complex process, polio has been massively vaccinated in the world for more than 50 years and its disappearance has not yet been achieved.

Vaccines prevent death and serious disease, so it is important to get vaccinated and for everyone to be able to enter into this process to ensure control of the disease.


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