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Life Center/Reported by Xu Yuanxin

▲The local epidemic situation in Taiwan is heating up, and rapid screening can become the focus of epidemic prevention. (Schematic diagram / data photo)

The local epidemic situation in Taiwan is heating up, and the home quarantine has been shortened to a “3+4” plan since yesterday (26th). In this regard, toxicologist Zhao Mingwei said, “Quick screening will be something everyone must do every day, and it is impossible to see which industry can be spared.” He also mentioned that the amount of quick screening can be used to resist The key to the epidemic, the logic is like a mask, and everyone will gradually get used to it.

Zhao Mingwei posted on Facebook on the 27th, saying, “Although the ‘3+4 plan’ is a policy, even pharmacies and supermarkets are currently out of stock, and people can’t buy them. I don’t know the rigidity of this isolation. How can the demand be met?” Zhao Mingwei analyzed that to achieve the level of coexistence with the virus, at least 3.6 million people in Taiwan would be infected. According to the previous data, 1 person was diagnosed and an average of 17 people were quarantined, so 61 million reagents would be required; With an extension of 3 months and a large number of self-screening tests, it is estimated that there will be no more than 100 million rapid screening reagents in total.

Zhao Mingwei pointed out that the epidemic will continue in a short period of time. To protect yourself and others, you must take preventive actions whether there is a diagnosis or not, and “quick screening” will be something everyone must do every day. No industry can be avoided. Zhao Mingwei mentioned that it is like wearing a mask, “Who would have thought that a mask would become something to be worn every day more than two years ago, but it has gradually become a habit. If you don’t wear it, it will be like no makeup. insecure.”

Zhao Mingwei believes that many people do not screen because they are worried that they and those around them will be quarantined, but avoiding the problem will not reduce the spread of the epidemic. On the contrary, if they quickly screen positive, even if they do not report it, they will isolate themselves and do not help. The spread of the virus is actually a virtue.

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To prevent new coronary pneumonia, you should wear a mask when going out, wash your hands frequently, and implement a physical contact system when entering and leaving public places. If you have suspected symptoms, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, and take tests after evaluation.

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