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Quickly clear the safari tabs in iPhone

Friends of the iPhone, do you often want to check the information suddenly, or jump in the webpage you are browsing from time to time, and then our safari is opened several pages silently one page after another? What if you don’t know it? It’s okay to open a few pages without realizing it, but it’s a nightmare for fingers to delete it after discovering it suddenly! Here we are going to share 2 methods, so that we can quickly clear the safari pages without deleting page by page!

Method 1 – Clear All

First open any tab of safari, press and hold “Cancel” at the bottom right, and you will see the option of “Close all 259 tabs”. After pressing it, all 259 tabs will be closed instantly.

Method 2. Pick out the unnecessary pages and close them

First slide safari to the top, you will see “Search”, enter the keyword you want to close the page, here we use “wiki” to demonstrate.

After entering “wiki”, the wiki pages in the 259 tabs will be automatically listed. At this time, we long press “Cancel” on the right, and “Close 14 tabs that match “wiki”” will appear. Just press it , those 14 tabs related to the wiki, that is, the tabs we just mentioned, will disappear!

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