Quirks from Pôle emploi: will precarious workers have to reimburse overpayments?

Error or not, the overpayments will have to be refunded! Pôle emploi made errors in the payment of aid to precarious workers. Some were not eligible for this exceptional bonus, decided last November and supposed to guarantee a monthly income of 900 euros to all those who have alternated periods of employment and unemployment in 2019. Mid-February, the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, announced its three-month extension, until May 2021.

The alert was launched by the Force Ouvrière (FO) and CFDT unions, pointing to “dysfunctions”. “It was agents who alerted us. Pôle emploi would seek to recover the overpayments. However, the government chose to set up an automated distribution, with machines to know who was entitled to it or not. Individuals have nothing to do with it, ”insists Michel Beaugas, confederal secretary in charge of employment at FO.

15,000 people would be affected

In an open letter, the CFDT indicates that 40,000 people would be affected by this quack. In reality, between 3 and 4% of the cases processed could be the subject of a request for reimbursement, ie around 15,000 cases.

“The cases are very minor, we comment to Pôle emploi. We are in the process of managing as closely as possible the current cases and those which still have to be dealt with. We have sent thousands of letters to people who could benefit from them. The number of premiums paid may still change. As of February 10, 682,000 bonuses have been paid to 408,000 job seekers, according to Pôle Emploi.

The errors made by Pôle emploi in the payment of this “additional income” could be due to updates made late. Some individuals, for example, were able to declare at the end of January extra activities carried out at the end of December. They would then have exceeded the income threshold of 900 euros, thus making them ineligible. But Pôle emploi had already identified, in January, the beneficiaries for the months of November and December. Some therefore received a bonus that they should not have received.

“Asking them to reimburse would make no sense”

“Some may have won 910 or 950 euros, or a few dozen euros above the limit. In any case, they are people already in great difficulty. Asking them to reimburse would make no sense, plague Michel Beaugas. The government must show leniency! This will not be the case, unless a possible government decision on the subject. The classic overpayment request process will be launched.

Individuals will be able to contest the refund and obtain a partial or full discount. “Given the situation, an analysis will be made on a case-by-case basis. We can understand the bad surprise, in particular because it is about a population very affected by the crisis ”, entrusts one to Pôle Emploi.

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