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At Gamereactor, we love scanning the indie showcases of different game events, trying to guess which ones will be the upcoming indie darlings, as it’s always fun for students or creatively disturbed developers to learn about these smaller projects, and then follow along with their hopefully successful stories. . At Gamepolis earlier this summer, several handcrafted projects caught our eye: all drawn frame-by-frame, but based on a completely different premise.

Kiddo, a two-color dot > point-and-click adventure about depression

“It tells a story about this character who may have hit rock bottom,” explains lead programmer Pablo Monteselin in the video below. “He didn’t expect too much from life anymore and it was a tough time for him. It went wrong because he forgot to feed his pet, the ghost, which was actually his only friend, so the ghost Saying “I’m out, that’s enough”, Quito has to find him.

Lead artist Isra Páez also gives a full interview, talking about the striking Bitton art style, puzzles and exploration, sense of humor, and more. Kiddo is “midway” in its development and is looking for a publisher and is targeting PC first.

Frostfire: Combat Fever, an accessible but intense 1v1 fighter

“We wanted to make a game that was easy to play but harder to master, so that casual fans who liked this art style could come and play and have fun,” programmer Joseph Sutcliffe told Gamereactor below, “but a more experienced fighting game Players can keep playing the game and master it over time. The gameplay is a bit like Smash Bros., where you aim in one direction and press a button.

Topics covered in the full interview include colorful anime cartoon styles, turning FrostFire into a competitive game, or using a battle stick. It currently has four characters, and the developers are aiming for ten, with a Kickstarter helping them complete the game in two years.

Gamepolis in Malaga, exceptTalking Rainbow 6 with UbisoftBesides, we are still“Mystic”and”Welcome to Empyreum” stop before the booth.

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