R. Kelly is said to have claimed several other victims, including a minor boy

Kelly, accused of sex trafficking, also allegedly had sexual contact with an underage boy, say federal prosecutors who want jurors in his next trial to hear the allegations.

Despite these claims, no new charges have been filed against the singer.

Jury selection for the trial against Kelly is set to begin August 9 in federal court in New York. The man says he has never mistreated anyone. A request for comment was sent to his legal team on Saturday.

Kelly is already accused of having led a team to help him recruit women and girls for sexual and pornographic purposes and to exercise great control over them.

These accusations concern six different women or girls. These are not named in court documents.

Sexual contact with a 17-year-old musician

Prosecutors would also like jury members to hear from more than a dozen other people who have also been allegedly sexually or physically assaulted, threatened or abused.

Among those victims: a 17-year-old aspiring musician whom Kelly allegedly met at a McDonald’s restaurant in December 2006 and whom he later invited to his Chicago studio. After asking the boy what he would do to be successful in the music business, Kelly had sexual contact with him, according to the prosecutors’ court file.

The objective of the prosecution is to demonstrate that the facts already alleged against Kelly are not isolated events and are part of a larger scheme.

Kelly’s sex life has been under intense scrutiny since the 1990s. The artist is also currently facing sex-related charges in Illinois and Minnesota. He has pleaded not guilty in those two states.

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