Rachida Dati calls for a “minimum income” for precarious students

Rachida Dati, March 15, 2020 in Paris. – Philippe Lopez / AP / SIPA

Rachida Dati, mayor Les Républicains of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, calls for a “minimum income” for disadvantaged young people during the crisis. She warns Emmanuel Macron against a “time bomb” for a country “already so fractured”.

“Emmanuel, I ask you that the student question be taken into account at each new stage of the management of this crisis”, she affirms in an open letter to the Head of State. She accuses managers of “now discovering a student situation they know nothing about”.

“Social fragility”

“You studied at La Providence, when I grew up in a working-class city of Chalon-sur-Saône. (…) You attended the Ena benches and I those of the University of Burgundy (…) You could sleep to be in good shape for the exams, when I went to work at night at the Sainte-Marie clinic as a nursing assistant, ”adds the candidate for the right to the last municipal elections in Paris.

Rachida Dati therefore asks the Head of State “to allocate a minimum income to students in a situation of social fragility, while economic activity remains low” and to work with local elected officials to identify “non-public premises. used ”such as gymnasiums that can allow lessons to be resumed.

Disappearance of odd jobs

“Emmanuel, would you dare look Heïdi straight in the eye and tell him that a toll-free number and psychologists in the universities are an answer to the height of his distress?” “Asks the mayor of the 7th arrondissement, referring to the student who expressed her anger to the head of state last week.

Calls for support measures for young people, hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic which has, among other things, isolated them and deprived them of odd jobs with food, have multiplied in recent days. The boss of the PCF Fabien Roussel and that of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde notably asked Sunday for a return of the students to their universities or their schools.

Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) joined these calls on Monday by also demanding the opening of the active solidarity income (RSA) to those under 25 – a request at this stage dismissed by the executive. We need “rapid and concrete measures to prevent the rise in precariousness and psychosocial risks weighing on young people,” insisted the Greens in a press release in which they also request “personalized support” and additional recruitment of psychologists.

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