Racial violence takes another life in Portland shooting

The racial protests that have been shaking the United States for weeks returned to unleash violence on the streets of Portland on Saturday night. The city, the epicenter of the movement’s demonstrations ‘Black Lives Matter’ (Black lives matter), had to mourn the death of a person who was found dead by the police after being shot on a day in which activists against police brutality and defenders of the US president, Donald Trump, exchanged insults and attacks .

The outrage – rekindled after eight days ago African American Jacob Blake, 29, was shot six in the back by a white agent as he tried to get into his car with his three children and then a Trump supporter killed two protesters with his rifle in Kenosha, Wisconsin – it rose to maximum levels when “caravans of hundreds of cars” of supporters of the president headed to Portland local media reported. The followers of the head of the White House drove into the city center with trucks, cars and motorcycles, in a line that stretched several kilometers. Once there, clashes with anti-racist protesters began, for which ten people were arrested, as specified by the Police.

At 8:46 p.m. local time, a few minutes after the withdrawal of the caravan, the agents received the notice that there had been a shooting. Upon arrival they found a man lying on the ground with a fatal shot in the chest and surrounded by people. The security forces have opened an investigation and have asked the protesters to provide them with the images they took with their mobile phones and which are circulating on social networks to find the culprit. According to ‘The New York Times’, the deceased wore a cap with the ‘Patriot Prayer’ insignia, a far-right group in Portland that has stood up in the past against those who demand racial justice.

Portland, which has been recording protests from the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement for 94 consecutive days, again became an election campaign weapon on Saturday for Trump, who harshly attacked Mayor Ted Wheeler of the Democratic Party on Twitter for rejecting the help from the National Guard, which according to the president “could solve these problems in less than an hour.” “Wheeler is incompetent, as well as the sleepy Joe Biden,” he launched without losing the opportunity to also disqualify his rival in the November 3 elections. At the same time, he shared messages loaded with insults against the top leader of the city, whom some accused of having committed “War crimes” and having “blood on their hands.”

Controversial visit

White House spokesman Judd Deere reported that Trump will travel tomorrow to Kenosha, the city where the police attack on Jacob Blake took place, an incident that has given new impetus to the protests that began in May after the murder in Minneapolis of the African American George Floyd, suffocated by the agent who stopped him without offering resistance.

“The President will meet with law enforcement in Kenosha and review the damage from the recent riots,” Deere said. However, made no reference to whether Trump plans to meet with Blake’s family, who has been paralyzed and remains hospitalized.


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