Racing 92: “I did not want to show off,” says Vakatawa after his blunder

It is the ball of the weekend in Top 14. Holder during the defeat of Racing 92 against Toulon Sunday evening (23-29), Virimi Vakatawa cost the Ile-de-France a try. His fault? Having taken too long to flatten in the Var in-goal before losing the ball, struck by his partner in the France team Gabin Villière. A blunder on which returned the three-quarters center Tuesday.

“I know that it turned a lot on social networks, he explained to RMC Sport. It’s like that. I accept my mistake which cost the team dearly. Nobody is perfect. But it can’t happen again. I will learn from this mistake. Next time, I think I’ll flatten the ball faster. “

“I hope that doesn’t happen again,” he continued. We all make mistakes. I want to show a picture. Maybe people thought it was a lack of respect for the Toulon team. Frankly, I’m not like that. I really respect all Top 14 players. I didn’t want to look pretty before flattening. It is not that at all. It’s not going to bother me all year round. “

“It must serve as a lesson to him”

If he weighed down his team, then led 17-3 on his lawn and beaten at home for the second time this season in the Top 14, his partners and his manager do not overwhelm him. “We do not blame him, and we have complete confidence in him”, defended his captain Henry Chavancy.

“It’s a mistake he made and he will never do it again, cowardly, colder, his coach, Laurent Travers. It must serve as a lesson to him. I didn’t need to talk to him about it again. What is the point of adding more? A player who has just missed a penalty is not told that he has missed a penalty, he knows that. There it is the same. “

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