“Racist,” dumb “,” asshole “: Camelia Jordana strongly attacked after statement on white men

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Singer Camelia Jordana has come under heavy attack after an interview with a magazine in which she said that “white men are, in the collective unconscious, responsible for all the evils of the Earth”.

His hit “Facile” was one of the most broadcast on the radio last summer. The singer Camélia Jordana, revealed at 16 by “The new star” on M6 in 2009, and who has since won a César for “Le brio”, is strongly criticized after an interview given to New Obs on the occasion of the release of his fourth album “Facile / Facile”.

The young woman displays her feminism in the interview in which she says: “All of these songs say that if I were a man, I would ask forgiveness, I would question fears, and I would take the time to question myself” . But this is another controversial sentence. Camélia Jordana declares: “White men are, in the collective unconscious, responsible for all the evils of the Earth”.

The sentence made react the Licra, the international league against racism and anti-Semitism, which denounces “an unconscious statement”.

Also on Twitter, anonymous people commented on the interview and criticized the singer.

Right-wing political figures reacted to the singer’s remarks. Lydia Guirous, member of the Republican political bureau, affirms that Camélia Jordana “blows on the community embers and fractures the fraternity”.

Ah … this uninhibited racism of those who consider themselves to be eternal victims (even when they have had everything …)! #CameliaJordana by its marketing activism blows on the community embers and fractures the fraternity … pic.twitter.com/sHCyHM0uHA

– Lydia Guirous (@LydiaGuirous) January 15, 2021

Florian Philippot, ex-National Assembly, denounces “stupid remarks”.

Last May, after her stint on Laurent Ruquier’s set, Camélia Jordana had already been at the heart of a controversy. She had denounced police violence in the suburbs and the stigmatization of controls against people of color. There are “men and women who go to work every morning in the suburbs and who are massacred for no other reason than their skin color,” said the singer.

The interview had made the police unions react strongly. The Minister of the Interior at the time Christophe Castaner had also commented on the singer’s statement.

Camélia Jordana has not yet reacted to this new controversy.

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