Radeon 6000 a launch as shabby as that of the RTX 30

Does Newegg favor scalpers? We tell you how to get one on November 25th.

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It took less than 5 seconds yesterday to see all the RX 6800s sold. And yet, they didn’t even appear online until they were immediately out of stock on Newegg.

As always, the online component store let the scalpers go. It must be said that it is very easy to find a robot for $ 75 dedicated to shopping on Newegg.ca. He is able to order about fifty products per second and even better, Newegg refuses to act, hiding behind reasons such as “we must give everyone an equal chance. bots buyers ”.

AMD’s recommendations were therefore not followed, and bots flocked to the site, which was one of the few to offer the 6800 in Canada. Of course, most of these RX 6000s immediately found their way into that awesome open-air black market that is eBay and at prices defying common sense, some dealers wouldn’t hesitate to claim over $ 100,000. .

How to get an RX 6000 on November 25

If the units on sale were not numerous, the situation should improve a little on November 25 with the arrival of graphics cards from third-party assemblers, but whose prices should as always be higher as these cards are often overclocked and equipped with more advanced cooling.

On the other hand, forget Newegg.ca, the company apparently does not intend to do anything against scalpers. Rather go see the side of Canada Computers which has a much more player-oriented policy. According to one of the managers we contacted, the situation is going to be quite different. The cards will be displayed on their site from midnight on the 25th, and you will have to come to the store to pre-order the graphics card of your choice. This is the same system the seller has put in place that allows them to sell RTX 30s to players where they are permanently out of stock on Newegg.

6800 who disappoint in ray tracing

Regarding the 68000, if the RX 6800 XT is on par with the RTX 3080, it is literally destroyed by its competitor from Nvidia once ray tracing is activated. The performances drop drastically, to the point where the benchmarks revealed are in 1440 p and sometimes under 60 FPS. It must be said that Nividia is in its second generation of Ray Tracing, where AMD arrives with a first solution. We will surely have to wait for the Radeon 7000 to see AMD make progress in this area.

In any case, if you are targeting a Radeon 6000, AMD seems to have, like Nvidia, launched a paper launch, that is to say released a product at the very beginning of its production. In reality, real availability without having to go through the pre-order box should be done within three to four months.

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