Radiation of police officer Pape Bouba Diallo: Camp Kara gives its version of the facts and accuses …

Following information published in the press, reporting the motivations that led to the removal of police officer Pope Boubou Diallo after kneeling to perform his Ziar with our Guide Cheikh Ahmadou KARA Mbacké.

Thus, we are required to provide clarifications and details on the political fierceness in this matter. This expulsion sanction is excessive and riddled with inconsistencies.

Pape Boubou did not give up his post and he notified the commission of inquiry:

Police officer Pape Boubou Diallo did not give up his post on Friday, October 02. Guide Cheikh Ahmadou Kara Mbacké left Dakar a little before 3 p.m. to arrive in Louga around 5 p.m. as part of the preparation for the Magal de Touba in the capital of Ndiambour.

After welcoming the talibés, the Guide went to his quarters at the residence of the Palais Djily Mbaye where he will host a small declaration with relatives before going to his apartments to pray and change. A little after 6 p.m. the Guide went out to take a tour of the premises and ask members of the Kara security to clean the palace. It will be at this precise moment that Pape Bouba Diallo arrived on the scene (his working hours were fixed between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.) inside the second enclosure of the palace to perform his Ziar in the pure Mouride tradition of the Guide Sheikh Ahmadou KARA.

Ziarra who will not have lasted even 1 minute and Pape Bouba will get up to accompany the assembly with the Guide in front of the main portal and then return to his home. (videos and photos are available and live broadcasts in social networks)

The relentlessness against Cheikh Ahmadou KARA the Guide of the Pacific Revolution:

More than a month after the video circulated on social media without any incident, it will be on November 12 that Officer Pope Bouba Diallo was notified of his arrest and punishment for 10 days in Saint-Louis.

Coincidence or manipulation: the day before Wednesday 11 November Cheikh Ahmadou KARA Mbacké Celebrated with great pomp the return of Serigne Touba from Gabon with thousands of people from the most distant lands of Senegal. During the demonstration, the Guide of the PVD had openly criticized the too political approach of President Macky Sall to the detriment of social concerns and it was a first. Contribution message that the presidential movement will take automatically as a declaration of war

Cacophony in the radiation procedure:

After serving the ten-day prison sentence in Saint-Louis, agent Pape Boubou Diallo returns to his post in Louga where he will receive notification of his assignment to the central police station in Matam on November 25.

For almost the duration of a month he will come and go at his own expense between Louga and Dakar at the Public Security Directorate to end up at the central police station of Guédiawaye as in a game of ping pong where he will be heard by himself. . During the investigation Pape Boubou Diallo made it clear to the audience that he did not abandon his post, it was indeed at the time of his descent and in a private space that he greeted his Guide and that ‘it was filmed without his knowledge.
Finally, on December 31, Pape Boubou Diallo will join the central police station in Matam to take service on January 4 with a certificate of service signed by the commissioner.

Anodyne thing: the cancellation notification will be issued on December 31 with the following mention in its first article: “As of the date of this decree, the cancellation of executives without suspension of pension rights is pronounced against Agent Pape Boubou Diallo… ..on duty at the Louga central police station. ”

All this proves that the interior ministry did not seem to have enough information on the procedure of the police administration to have mentioned Louga as the location of the agent Pape Bouba Diallo who at this time had already taken office in Matam. .

The police hierarchy seems to have been in a logic of punitive sanction and the Minister of the Interior who signed the decree of radiation in a dynamic of execution of a political decision.

Radiation should be the last resort for reasons of abandonment of post in this case even if the facts were proven.

This decision says a lot: are we preparing men in uniform to choose their faith in God through their religious brotherhood against a republic which claims to be secular in mutation towards atheism?

The character of Pape Boubou Diallo even deserves an in-depth study: In service he has the unanimous testimony of an exemplary officer by his discipline and his respect for work by both his superiors and his classes. In social life, he is an accomplished “talibé”, he has not been alienated by the system. Pape Boubou knows the respect of the dress for having lived with a father who served for 35 years in this body.

The demonization against our Guide, Cheikh Ahmadou KARA Mbacké has had no effect because of the relentlessness on everything that revolves around him. General KARA is a symbol for the youth of this country and Mouridism, intimidation will only increase our love for him.

We are thus launching a warning message to national and international opinion on these political abuses based on sanctions in the administration which risk destabilizing Senegal, one of the rare African countries where the temporal and spiritual authority has always had an experience in perfect symbiosis.

The Diwane communication unit

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