Radio audiences: France beats a record, Europe 1 continues its rebound

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Posted on Jan. 14, 2020, 12:19 p.m.Updated on Jan 14, 2020 at 12h51

Europe 1 found in November and December its level of a year ago with 6% of the French passing on its antennas every day, which defines the criterion of the cumulated audience (AC). The Lagardère group station has not yet regained its audience share (PDA, the criterion most watched by advertisers) last year – 4.5%, against 4.7% – but it is achieving its second wave of ‘consecutive hearings showing a rebound from the previous wave. Compared with the back-to-school measure, it gained 428,000 listeners, including 357,000 in the morning), to 3.24 million in total.

France Inter

   has it reached a record cumulative audience of 12.8% (+0.9 point over a year), according to this survey “126,000” from November-December
published Tuesday by Médiamétrie.

   It widens the gap with RTL (12.1%, +0.1), which nevertheless keeps a slight lead according to the audience share criterion.

The performance of Radio France station is all the more remarkable – some of its competitors even say astonishing – that public radio programs have been disrupted since the end of November
by a strike

redundancies at Radio France.

    France Inter however sees its listening time drop by a few minutes, to 2h15 per listener on average. “In an unusual context, the listeners showed attachment and loyalty to public service radios,” said the group.

franceinfo, the public radio station most affected by the strike

RMC is down to 7.2% (-0.5), France Bleu remains stable at 6.8%.

Among other public radio stations, Franceinfo was the most impacted by the strike (8.4%, -0.6), but France Culture further improved its audience record to 3% (+0.1 point). On the music radio side, the leader NRJ remains stable at 9.5%. Fun Radio (4.5%, -0.6) and Virgin Radio (4%, 0.4) fell sharply.

Radio Classique (sister company of “Les Echos”), for its part, won over 240,000 listeners and “reached the third audience result in its history with 1,200,000 listeners”, said its press release.

RMC decreases over one year

For its part, RMC fell over a year both in cumulative audience (7.2% against 7.7%) and in audience share (6.3% against 6.4%). The strategic section of the morning (6-9h) with
star host Jean-Jacques Bourdin

    weighs on the radio. “It fell by almost one hearing point (in audience share) over one year, to its lowest level in 2011, which is quite surprising given the context of the strike that should have benefited RMC and the ‘strong news’, observes Philippe Nouchi, expert at Publicis Media. Maybe there is a breathlessness of the format? “

However, the radio, specializing in talk and sports, does better than the previous wave (September-October), where
it had fallen to a low point since 2011

    in terms of cumulative audience (6.8%) and audience share (5.8%). “ It’s normal that there are cycles “, puts Alain Weill, the boss of Altice France (parent company of RMC, BFM TV etc.) into perspective, who adds: “2019 was an excellent year for RMC, the best in its history in terms of turnover and a record on results. There are synergies with the group’s television channels. “


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