Radio Bremen introduces new "Tatort" commissioners

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DIn the coming year he "Tatort" from Bremen will receive a new, three-member team of investigators: Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Luise Wolfram and Dar Salim will in future act as commissioners in the "Tatort" films of Radio Bremen.

The trio succeeds Sabine Postel and Oliver Mommsen, who finished their roles as Investigators Inga Lürsen and Nils Stedefreund this year. Sabine Postel had played in Bremen's "crime scene" since 1991, Oliver Mommsen since 2001.

"There are not many people who think of me as a commissioner," said Jasna Fritzi Bauer, who was often hired for teenage roles because of her youthful appearance. She is currently in the Vox series "Rampensau". For her there figure is also about – apparent – youthfulness. She was all the happier about the decision of Radio Bremen. "I am a super commissioner."

Jasna Fritzi Bauer plays in the "crime scene" the policewoman Liv Moormann from Bremerhaven, who is waiting for her big chance to prove herself at the homicide. Dar Salim played in the series "Game of Thrones" and is currently in the series "Borgen" to see. In "Tatort: ​​Brüder" he had a guest appearance in 2014 in the role of a criminal. Now he personifies what it is called police officers with limited powers called Mads Andersen. Luise Wolfram was already seen as BKA investigator Linda Selb in the Bremen "crime scene".

Radio Bremen lets the new "Tatort" team appear first in the ARD-Mediathek. In 2020, a six-part series with the three investigators, working title: "How to Tatort" begins here before the first TV "crime scene". In the style of a fictional documentary the way from the casting to the filming with satirical exaggeration is traced, also a corpse is not missing. Filming for the first TV "crime scene" is scheduled to begin in the autumn of next year. The broadcast date is still open.


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