Radio-Canada announces the end of the Another Story series

ICI Radio-Canada makes a surprising announcement on Monday, which may hurt more than one, confirming the end of the series Another story.

In fact, in a press release sent to the media, the public broadcaster indicates that the fourth season of the series will be the last.

We can read this: ” As Anemone’s disease progresses inexorably, we cannot hide from you that the 4th season of the drama Another Story by Chantal Cadieux, starring Marina Orsini and produced by Sphère Média, will be the last. The team is currently filming the final episodes which will lead all of the ongoing stories to their conclusion. The loyal audience who follow the series from the beginning will be able to appreciate all the episodes that will gradually untie the thread of these intrigues, Monday at 8 p.m. until April 4, 2022 on ICI TÉLÉ. »

Author Chantal Cadieux explains the reflection that led her to this decision: “ The trigger for my series was Anemone’s quest to find her first family when she was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. Now that her two families are reunited, that the mysteries surrounding her past are dispelled, that she knows all her children love her, I wanted to come full circle in Anemone’s story with the progression of this terrifying disease that erases her memory and that of Sébastien while their loved ones must continue to fly towards their own destiny. »

For the moment, it is the third season which is broadcast on ICI Télé. We therefore have another full season to eat before the now announced end.

In Tuesday’s episode, here is what you will be able to see: Anémone (Marina Orsini) returns from Saguenay and apprehends seeing Emilien (Patrice Godin) again. Simon (Mikhaïl Ahooja) is overtaken by his actions in the criminal world and gives Naëlle (Cynthia Trudel) the scare of her life. Karla (Marilou Morin) consults Me Dandurand (Sophie Paradis) and she learns information about Vincent (Sébastien Ricard) which upsets her. Ron (Vincent Graton) is stunned by the latest actions of Patricia (Marie Turgeon). While hosting Savanna (Marion Vigneault) for a few days, Suzon (Stéphane Jacques) alerts Caroline (Debbie Lynch-White) to a very disturbing find.

The series Another story is presented on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ICI Télé.

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