Radio mast also damaged just across Belgium border by arson NOW

After several cell towers in the Netherlands, a cell tower was also set on fire in Belgium on Saturday evening, the police confirmed on Sunday. VRT.

It concerns a transmission mast from Proximus and Telenet in the town of Pelt, which is close to the Dutch border. The fence around the radio mast has been damaged and the mast itself has been “significantly damaged” by the fire.

Radio masts have been set on fire in several places in the Netherlands in recent weeks. This may be done by people who believe there is a link between 5G radiation and the spread of the coronavirus.

The Belgian police cannot yet say whether the arson of the radio mast in Pelt and the incidents in the Netherlands have anything to do with each other. The affected transmission tower in Belgium does not use 5G technology.

It is not yet clear whether the police have already identified one or more suspects. Further research is being carried out at the transmission tower.

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