Rafael Nadal after his successful return to Rome: “Simply fantastic” – Tennis – ATP – Rome

“We haven’t seen you competing for six months. How do you appreciate this victorious comeback against Pablo Carreño Busta (6-1, 6-1)?
It was a weird feeling, playing without spectators, but it’s a super positive comeback. Of course I have things to improve between now and Roland Garros but, frankly, I released a very serious, very solid match; my lift worked well.

What percentage do you think you are compared to your top level?
I don’t really like to talk about percentages or numbers, because tennis is not math. It was actually just fantastic, this game I couldn’t ask for more than what I produced today (Wednesday), it is extremely satisfying.

“The playing conditions seemed to me faster than usual”

Every time you played in the Rome tournament it was in May. Do you think playing here in mid-September could be an advantage or a disadvantage for you?
An advantage, I don’t really see how, since I won the tournament nine times on the usual dates (to laugh). Let’s just say it’s still quite a lot warmer than early May and the playing conditions seemed faster than usual, especially for a nighttime game.

You had skipped the US Open, so you’re just learning about the concept of the camera and the bubble. How do you deal with these special conditions?
Everyone is in the same boat right now, so you have to live with it. We can thank the tournaments, the organizations for succeeding in maintaining competitions, even if tennis and sport in general will need to quickly find the public. But we are all confident that things will only get better. “


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