Raffi Ahmad’s Behavior Is Very Hard To The Government

VIVA – Artist Raffi Ahmad | became one of the figures who received the first COVID-19 vaccine Raffi along with President Jokowi underwent Sinovac vaccination at the State Palace on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

After undergoing the first phase of the vaccine, Raffi was actually busy being reported at a party. Raffi’s presence at this party also went viral on social media.

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Responding to the incident, dr. Tirta Mandira Hudhi also spoke up. Dr. Tirta assessed that Raffi’s action could actually have a negative impact on public trust in the government.

Dr. Tirta said, as influence the vaccine, which was carried out by Raffi Ahmad, was a harsh blow to the government. This is because Raffi was caught on camera not wearing a mask when he attended and a party was held when the government imposed PPKM.

“He (Raffi Ahmad) is a public figure who has a very large mass. It’s just viral recently on Twitter that it turns out he held party, was involved with the party and violated the PPKM, so that it was a very hard blow to the palace and government as well as the COVID-19 Task Force because he was a vaccine influencer, “said Dr. Tirta. Read this article to the end to find out the full news.

Dr. Tirta hopes that soon there will be a solution to the viral impact of Raffi Ahmad. This solution is called dr. Tirta so as not to cause uproar for both the palace and Raffi.

Dr. Tirta said, the impact of Raffi’s virality was quite severe. One of them is people’s disappointment with the government who has chosen Raffi as one of them influence vaccination.

“The impact is quite severe. Yes, because people tend to end up antipathy to the government. Why choose influence which in the end after being vaccinated (even party) even though this vaccine is effective after two times (vaccines), “said dr. Tirta.

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