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The new series of adventure action movies “Indiana Jones 5” released the official trailer and new posters, the 80-year-old “Forber” Harrison Ford returns, and the final expedition of Dr. Indiana Jones begins.

Directed by James Mangold (“The Wolverine 3,” “Ford”), with John Williams returning to the score, Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Simon Emanuel to produce .

Newcomer Phoebe Waller-Bridge (“London Fleabag”) joins in as Helena, Max Mikkelsen as villain Waller, and Boyd Holbrook as villainous Kleber. with Antonio Banderas, Chanette Renee Wilson, Toby Jones, Thomas Kretschmann, John Rhys-Davies, Jill Winternitz, Olivier Richters, Mark Keeling, Ala Safi, Martin McDougall, Nasser Mimazia, Corrado Invernici, Gary Fanning also star.

The story tells the story of Dr. Indiana Jones returning to 1969 and continuing to fight against the Nazis.The film will be released in North America on June 30, 2023ใ€‚

The first Indiana Jones adventure film was released in 1981, followed by Raiders of the Lost Ark 2: Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1984, Raiders of the Lost Ark 3: The Holy War in 1989 and Raiders of the Lost Ark 4 in 2008. : Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the global box office of the first four films reached 1.9869 billion US dollars.

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