Railway announcers from Hessen can also be heard at home

Talk to himself with the loudspeaker: Heiko Grauel is now listening to his voice at his home train station.
Image: Francois Klein

The voice of the train is Hessian: Heiko Grauel from Dreieich can usually be heard on audio books or in television documentaries and now also at some train stations in the Rhine-Main region. By the end of the year you should be able to listen to Grauel’s announcements at more than 60 stations.

Dhe new announcer from Deutsche Bahn, Heiko Grauel from Dreieich, can now also be heard in his Hessian homeland with announcements about train entrances. In the meantime, this is the case at more than 30 train stations in the state, the railway said. The professional speaker from Dreieich (Offenbach district), who can otherwise be heard on audio books or in television documentaries, is the company’s new voice for the automatic announcements at train stations. He had prevailed against hundreds of competitors in a competition.

An announcement by Grauels with hygiene instructions in the corona pandemic has been sounding at around 500 train stations across Germany, including at Frankfurt Central Station. His voice is now informing rail customers at the S-Bahn stations in Frankfurt Galluswarte, Messe, Eschborn, Offenbach, Niedernhausen and Friedberg about the smoking ban, incoming trains, delays and track changes. The relocated train stations also include Limburg, Gießen, Wetzlar, Bad Hersfeld and Marburg. Further stations in Hessen are to follow, by the end of the year there should be more than 60 in the state.

“As a Hessian, I am of course particularly enthusiastic that I can lend my voice to the train stations in my home region,” the railway quoted Grauel. Together with his voice, a new software is introduced that chops up the spoken sentences and can combine them into any number of new words – the announcements should no longer sound artificial. Around 200 stations across Germany have now been converted, the railway said. The information also on the display boards and on the Internet should also be more up-to-date – the railway promises information in real time.


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