Rain continues to rain in southern Shandong, there will be heavy rain, local rainstorm | Rainfall | Heavy rain | Shandong Province_Sina News

Original title: Rain continues to rain in southern Shandong, there will be heavy rains and local heavy rains

On August 21, a CCTV reporter from the Central Station learned from the Shandong Provincial Emergency Management Department that due to the impact of the cyclone, there will be an obvious rainfall process in Shandong in the next few days. According to current data analysis, rainfall is mainly distributed in southern Shandong. It is expected that from the night of the 22nd to the 23rd, the weather in Heze, southern Jining, Zaozhuang and southern Linyi will be overcast with heavy rain and local heavy rain (40-70 mm, local over 100 mm), and the weather in other areas will be overcast with thunderstorms or showers. Since the heavy rainfall area in this process overlaps with the heavy rainfall area from the 19th to the 20th, it is necessary to strengthen prevention.

It is expected that tonight, the weather in northwestern Shandong will turn from cloudy to overcast, and there will be thunderstorms or showers in some areas, with gusts of magnitude 7 to 9 during thunderstorms, and cloudy weather in other areas. (Headquarters CCTV reporter Han Sen)

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