Rainfall in Henan “breaks through historical extremes”: What does it mean that the threat of floods is approaching “first-level mechanism”? -BBC News Chinese

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July 20, Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province

After a few days of heavy rains in Henan, a province in central China, there was another extreme rain on July 20.

The official Weibo of the Henan Meteorological Bureau stated that the rainfall in Henan Province this time “breaks through historical extremes”; the official media Xinhua News Agency used the same description, Zhengzhou’s single-day rainfall exceeded the historical extreme (since the station was established), and the single-hour rainfall exceeded daily history. extremum.

The Zhengzhou Municipal Government said that Zhengzhou encountered heavy precipitation that was “unseen in a century.”

At present, the water levels of many rivers and reservoirs in Henan have soared, exceeding the flood limit; the livelihoods of many major cities and towns, including the provincial capital Zhengzhou, have been severely impacted.

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