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Although the latest emergencies caused by the hurricane Iota are registered in the islands of San Andrés and Providencia, the natural phenomenon continues to wreak havoc in other parts of the Caribbean region, like Cartagena and the coastal areas of the Atlantic.

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Although the most complex moments were reported on Saturday due to the rains, the emergency continues in the capital of Bolívar due to the sea of ​​cam, according to the videos that users have shared on their social networks in recent hours.
The most affected area is the tourist area of ​​Bocagrande, where the water reached the main road. The event has caused effects on the mobility of vehicles and pedestrians.

In this city, the Mayor’s Office reported in the last hours that, through the Pedro Romero Social Emergency Plan, it was carried out characterization of victims of Iota, who are refugees in the Combat Coliseum.

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For its part, the Government of the Atlantic reported 17 municipalities affected by heavy rains in recent days. In Santa Verónica there were damages due to loss of the beach due to the sea of ​​leva and the water entered the houses.

According to the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (Ungrd), the rains that are registered in the country during the second winter wave of 2020, which is also strengthened on the Caribbean coast by the passage of Hurricane Iota, it has affected 250 municipalities in 25 departments.

In Lloró, Chocó, there were floods as a result of the heavy rains.

Meanwhile, the floods and landslides caused serious damage mainly in Bagadó, Lloró, Carmen de Atrato, Medio Atrato, Atrato (Yuto), Condoto, Istmina, Tadó, Cértegui, Cantón de San Pablo, Medio San Juan, Nóvita, Sipí, San José del Palmar, in Chocó.

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According to a report by the Ombudsman’s Office, in totall 15 municipalities have been affected in Chocó by heavy rains. He also reported the news of the death of a child under 14 years of age in Carmen de Atrato due to a landslide and 40,000 victims.

Dabeiba Avalanche 3

This is what left a landslide in Dabeiba, Antioquia.

For its part, with the discovery of the body of María Marleny Zapata Lora –30 years old and who lived in the Mohán village, of Dabeiba, in Antioquia– the fourth fatality of the torrential avalanche that occurred last Friday night was confirmed in a rural area of ​​this municipality in western Antioquia.

According to the report of the Antioquia Government, the discovery of the body took place in the Guayabito sector. Moments later, the 9-year-old son of Waldir Alexander Zapata Lora was found.. The body of the minor lay in the Pegado village, according to the Administrative Department of the Disaster Prevention, Attention and Recovery System (Dapard).

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Thus, there are already five fatalities from this emergency. These tasks are being carried out by 363 members of the National Risk Management System, who coordinate the logistics of the emergency.



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