Rains will continue until next year

According to Ideam, the phenomenon that occurred in the El Carmen neighborhood is “very common” to occur during this time of year due to the rainy season.

“These gales, waterspouts or tornadoes are very difficult systems to forecast, because they form in a very short area of ​​terrain and also their duration is a matter of minutes. No model, so far, is capable of detecting where such an event can occur ”, explained Daniel Useche, head of Ideam’s Meteorology office.

Additionally, Useche recalled that the La Niña phenomenon is present at the moment, which generates rains that can be heavy. He also indicated that the rains will last until the beginning of next year, according to the forecast.

Homes in the El Carmen neighborhood are being repaired

The inhabitants of the El Carmen neighborhood, in the Suroccidente locality, began -in the morning of this Monday- the repairs of the houses that were damaged in their structure by the heavy rain and the gale that occurred on Sunday afternoon.

During the night of this Sunday, those affected by the strong wind – which blew away the sheets of the roofs of the houses and caused damage in a wide area – received sheets and trestles to repair the damage caused.

“You have to give a good rating to the management of the authorities, they were efficient; the census was done in a timely manner and at night, around 11 o’clock, they delivered the sheets. There were 10 sheets that were delivered, our damage was much greater; however, we appreciate that help, “said Emilio González, a resident of one of the affected homes.

Despite the fact that the aid arrived quickly, the victims reported that they spent the night in suspense, because they were afraid that the precipitation would be repeated and the houses would be flooded again and more damage would be generated.

“The night started yesterday (Sunday) at noon and so far it has not ended. We couldn’t sleep, like at three in the morning we sat down to talk, everything we saw on television seemed far away until it was your turn, I never imagined living in a situation like this, ”said Wilder Quesada, another of those affected.

For his part, Ascanio Toloza, 82 years old, who lives in one of the affected houses with his wife, said that he had “never” imagined that he would have to live in a situation like that, despite the fact that he is used to storms Since he is a fisherman and he said that at sea they are “much worse” but he had not experienced something similar to what happened that Sunday.

“It was in a matter of seconds, something momentary but with the thunder of the blades breaking and falling it felt very scary. The whole house was flooded, it looked like a pool, this here so we had to go to sleep somewhere else because we couldn’t do it here, under those conditions ”, explained Ascanio.

Another affected person indicated that from the emergency only fatigue and the expense that he has to do to fix all the damages caused, since, although they had the help of the sheets, the losses were quite high.

“We spent the night thinking and tired. We are already placing the sheets that were delivered to us but the position of them came out of our pocket as well as the transport of them, it is a big expense because we had valuable damages such as the electric fence, ”said José Hernández.

It should be remembered that around 1:30 in the afternoon of this Sunday the emergency occurred in the neighborhood, due to the strong winds that left some 25 homes affected. The Fire Department received the alert of fallen trees and sheets that “flew in the air” and immediately moved to the place as well as the District Office for Prevention and Attention of Disasters.


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