Rajaa Al-Jeddawi: The disease does not differentiate between rich and poor

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The great actress Rajaa Al-Jeddawi assured her fans and her fans of her through “The Seventh Day”, as she explained that her health condition was very stable, thanks to all the fans who gave her sincere invitations from their hearts, she said.

The great artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi directed her advice to all groups of the people, saying: “Take the cases more, and the state will not be able to bear all the cases. The rich and the poor, and there is no shortage with any limit, but we take into account the capabilities of the country because the cost of treating the virus is very high. “

The great artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was infected with the new Corona virus, and she was transported by ambulance to the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia Governorate.

Amira, the daughter of the great artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, told “The Seventh Day”, that she was surprised at dawn yesterday, Saturday, by a very high temperature of her mother, exceeding 39 degrees Celsius, and immediately conducted analyzes of her mother, so the result was positive.

The daughter of the great artist thanked the Minister of Health Dr. Hala Zayed for the speedy attention and sending an ambulance equipped for her mother and transporting her to the isolation hospital, commenting: “A minister in the highest respect and appreciation, and what I saw is a pride in our government.”

It is noteworthy that the great artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi participated in the last Ramadan drama season in the series “The Game of Forgetting”, starring Dina El-Sherbiny.



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