Rally in “solidarity with Afghan women” in Paris

A hundred people, gathered at the call of feminist associations, unions and political parties, expressed Saturday in Paris their “solidarity” with Afghan women, “privileged targets” of the Taliban, noted AFP journalists on square.

“Unswerving solidarity with Afghan women”, “Stand up with Afghan women against the Taliban”, “Right of asylum for anyone threatened”, “Right of asylum, reception, hospitality for Afghan women” proclaimed placards, while the demonstrators sang “Solidarity with women around the world”.

In Afghanistan, “the specter of the years of lead reappears. As a privileged target: women”, worry the thirty or so organizing associations in their call to demonstrate near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “France must urgently welcome on its soil any person made vulnerable by the accession to power of the Taliban”, they claim.

“We remember what happened between 1996 and 2001, when women in particular were no longer allowed to go out without being accompanied by a male, were no longer allowed to work, were forced to wear a burqa, etc., “Suzy Rojtman, spokesperson for the National Collective for Women’s Rights, one of the organizing associations, told AFP.

For the people evacuated in France, “we would like” that they benefit “from the right of asylum without any problem” and that “any threatened person who asks to come to France can do it, that people already there who ask for the reunification family can get it, ”she added.

Among the demonstrators, Sandrine (first name changed) considered “important to come”. “We are there to defend women, but there are also many men who are going to suffer the fact that we have let them go,” she regrets to AFP.

Ruth, a 24-year-old student and “activist for human rights in general”, sees “a scandal” in the situation in Afghanistan and “the indifference of the international community”.

Eva, 53, “supports Afghan women and people”. Patrice Jacob, 34, co-referent of Generation-S in Paris, who came “in solidarity with Afghan women and all Afghans”, considers “ridiculous” the number of Afghans evacuated to France, “a great country”.

Concealed under a dark blue burqa, a sign hung on her back imploring “After August 31, don’t forget them”, a young Afghan woman protested in front of journalists against “the dictatorship” of the Taliban. Aged 28, she has lived in France for 7 years, she confides, but “the whole family is over there”.

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