Ram car theft at the Michel jewelry store in Charleroi: two men from Romania prosecuted

On the night of February 16 to 17, 2020, a spectacular ram car theft was committed around 4 a.m. in the Michel jewelry store, located on Place Verte, a few steps from the Rive Gauche shopping center in Charleroi. That night, three perpetrators managed to get inside the store to break several windows and steal watches and jewelry. A few moments before, an Audi A6 station wagon smashed through the armored window of the jewelry store …

For the prosecution, this flight was prepared by the authors. The Audi A6 used to smash the window was stolen in Sprimont on February 6. Ten days later, the number plate placed on the vehicle at the time of the breakage was stolen from its owner in Ans. Bad luck for the authors, the lab goes there and discovers traces of blood and a hammer. Lucian is identified on the basis of his DNA. ” Yes, I committed both thefts. I was desperate and full of debt. The one to whom I owed 15,000 euros instructed me to come to Belgium to participate in the flight », Explains the man from Romania.

Ciprian, him, was identified via telephone exchanges with Lucian, his friend. The latter, imprisoned, frequently received money for canteen from Ciprian. His phone number was also limited to several places in Belgium, where Lucian was … For the prosecution, the two men acted within the framework of a criminal association. A 4-year prison sentence has been requested against them. Judgment on August 3.

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