Ramadan matches: a fatal bite that traps Argentina to Switzerland

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On the third day of Ramadan of the year 1435 AH, corresponding to July 1, 2014, one of the important Ramadan matches in the history of the World Cup in that year brought together the teams of Argentina and Switzerland.

The Tango dancers succeeded a hard day in a hard-won match during the 120-minute match, when Angel Di Maria clinched a goal two minutes before the end of extra time.

The match almost ended the journey of comrades Lionel Messi in the World Cup early in the final price stage, which was the point where the Tango came out 4 years later in the World Cup in Russia against the next champion France.

De Maria’s Bite

The Ottmar Hitzfeld battalion, the German coach of Switzerland, managed to maintain its stability throughout the ninety minutes of the match despite the nominations that favored the Tango before the match.

In light of the complete domination of the Argentine national team, the Lionel Messi succeeded in wearing the cloak of the legend Diego Armando Maradona, when he made the goal of winning 3-2 against Germany in the 1986 World Cup final with a magic pass for Jorge Procheja, where the Barcelona Barcelona captain made the winning goal for Maria.

Messi passed a ball on the right side to Di Maria, who sent a shot in the far corner, announcing that Albiceleste had qualified for the next stage.

The way to the final

Belgium’s confrontation represented the first way for Tango towards the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil, which was the first World Cup final for Tango in 24 years against Germany as well.

After the Swiss meeting, Argentina defeated Belgium 1-0 in the quarter-finals with a goal for Gonzalo Higuain.

In the semi-final, Argentina faced the Netherlands, the former runner-up at the time, led by the stars Aryen Rubin, Robin van Persie, Dirk Kuyt and Wesley Schneider, but Liu’s comrades who did not miss any goal in the penalty shootout after a negative tie in the original and overtime.

In the final against Germany, despite scoring a canceled goal for Higuain, Argentina lost in extra time 7 minutes before the end of the confrontation, Bayern Munich’s Bayern Munich player Mario Goetze.

Defensive brilliance

Like the 2014 World Cup, despite the failure of the tango to win the title, the best defensive career for the Latin team in the exclusionary stages since the system of 4 meetings in those roles that began in the 1986 version.

Argentina played 4 matches in the knockout rounds in 2014 in which they received only the goal that they lost the final from Germany.

Argentina kept 3 consecutive cleanliness in the tournament, with a 1-0 victory over Switzerland and Belgium, then a 0-0 draw with the Netherlands, with a penalty shootout being eliminated.

Tango dancers have never before reached this figure, as the Argentine team received 3 goals in the elimination roles in the 1986 World Cup, two goals in the elimination roles of the 1990 World Cup and three in the final price of 1994 led to early exit, and 4 goals in two games price and quarter-finals of the World Cup France 1998.

Argentina also received two goals in the price and quarter-finals of 2006, 5 goals in 2010 in the price and quarter-finals as well, and four in the loss from France 3-4 in the final price of 2018.


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