Raman, son of Dasaratha of Ayodhya, was born in Kollam; Hacked by police | Kollam police

Kollam ദ Dasarathaputran Raman of Ayodhya was arrested by the police at Chadayamangalam. No doubt, the car passenger who was caught during the search of the vehicle had given a false address and deceived the police. As soon as the video was circulated, the police officer who had written the letter to Petty was also hacked.

Name Raman, father’s name Dasarathan, place Ayodhya. Raman from Ayodhya was fined Rs 500 for traveling without a seat belt. The incident took place during the last 12 inspections of the vehicle. The police also admit that Raman Petty from Ayodhya was given the job after the Chadayamangalam police sealed receipt was circulated on social media.

When questioned about the violation, the youths shouted. Could not provide address documents. According to the police, the box was given to the address given by the young man. He not only misled the police by giving them a false address but also circulated the video. The grade SA at the station where Petty wrote was cut.

English summary: Kollam Chadayamangalam police petty case


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