Rammstein: Till Lindemann in psychological treatment? PETA publishes hint

Does Rammstein singer Till Lindemann have to be a therapist? The animal rights organization PETA shocked with a dramatic revelation.

  • Rammstein are often criticized
  • The band’s front man is Till Lindemann
  • PETA now recommends a therapist

Berlin – Rammstein is like spinach: you either love it or you hate it. The German rock band likes to provoke on and off the stage. First of all Singer Till Lindemann (57) is an enfant terrible for critics of the German music industry. Now he has incurred the anger of PETA, which goes public with a dramatic revelation: Does Till Lindemann have to be a therapist? extratipp.com * reports about it.

Till Lindemann founds Rammstein in Berlin in 1994

Till Lindemann is the singer of the rock band Rammstein from Berlin.

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The band Rammstein (all information about the rock band around front man Till Lindemann *) has been around since 1994. Today the rockers perform in six-man strength: Richard Kruspe (52) Christian “Flake” Lorenz (53) Paul Landers (55) Oliver Riedel (48) Christoph “Doom” Schneider (53) and of course singer Till Lindemann. Musically, the Berliners can be located in the Neue Deutsche Härte, a current of metal.

All outrage that Rammstein among their numerous critics, despite the fact that the musicians are extremely successful. The rock band has sold more than 20 million records worldwide in its career. Especially in Asia and the United States till Lindemann (Singer Till Lindemann – all information about the life of the rock singer *) and Co. mega coveted. This is also due to the legendary stage showswho fire Rammstein again and again on their tours. pyrotechnics is ignited continuously, plus the hard riffs – that makes an impression. Rammstein keeps getting caught in the crossfire because the rock band supposedly plays with right ideas and glorifies violence.

Rammstein boss Till Lindemann heads animals

Recently Rammstein frontman shocked till Lindemann in a solo project. He cut animals on stage and threw their heads into the audience *. The 57-year-old has gotten into a lot of trouble. Because PETA went public with a revelation. On the homepage petazwei.de – this is the organization’s youth campaign – they go Animal rights activists the singer violently. “Even for Till Lindemann a certificate of poverty,” it says.

Rammstein and front man Till Lindemann are known for their stage shows.

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In the imprint of the page, the registered association PETA Germany is named as the operator of the website. His indictment Rammstein reads as follows: “It is one thing to provoke as an artist and to always be one step ahead of your audience. It is a different thing to throw living beings through the area like worthless objects. As a hunter and angler till Lindemann completely lost the connection to the fact that each one of these fish had its own personality and just wanted to live. “

That’s what PETA says to Rammstein singer Till Lindemann

Recommended at the end of the post PETA even professional help for the Rammstein boss. The makers write: “We hope that Till Lindemann will find a therapist as soon as possibleto get a grip on his lack of empathy. Because those who kill animals in their free time and support the fur industry don’t deserve to be cheered by us. “

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