Ramón Navarro is revoked at home and sent to jail

The Barranquilla Superior Court revoked the parole of the former Triple A manager Ramon Navarro and ordered his transfer to a prison to serve the sentence to which he was convicted of embezzlement for $ 24 billion from the utility company.

In a decision that he knew THE HERALD, the Court decided a Appeal that was presented by the Attorney General’s Office within the process, because there is no refund of 50% of the appropriate resources or guarantees for the return of the remaining monies.

The magistrate of the Criminal Chamber, Jorge Eliécer Cabrera Jiménez, modified the decision of the Single Criminal Judge of the Specialized Circuit of Barranquilla, which it had sentenced Navarro Pereira to 55 months in prison and set her at 190 months in prison.

Within the process and in your appeal, the Public Ministry reiterates its position that public assets should be reinstated by individuals who have illegally appropriated them.

Another recall

Last Friday, EL HERALDO published that the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation He had also managed to get the Superior Court of the Judicial District of Barranquilla revoke the benefits for trespassing on charges of Edgar Rafael Piedrahita Hernández and Héctor Enrique Amarís Piñeres, prosecuted for illicit enrichment of individuals, unfair administration and falsehood in a private document, for not having agreed to the reimbursement of more than $ 24,000 million from Triple A, resources that would have been appropriated irregularly.

Piedrahita Hernandez is processed for processing on behalf of Recaudos y Tributos SA., at least 54 payment orders worth $ 23,379 million, corresponding to non-existent services; While Amarís Piñeres, representative of Iarco Ltda, is being tried for nine solid waste transportation invoices in Barranquilla without apparently having provided the service, which billed $ 1,350 million, resources that would have been delivered to Ramón Navarro Pereira, ex manager of Triple A.

According to the Public Ministry, the Court took into account the arguments presented by the Attorney General’s Office that, in its capacity as sole appellant, He warned that in cases of indictments and pre-agreements “when it is about illegal conduct in which the defendant obtained an increase in assets, for himself or for others, it is a necessary requirement to return half the appropriate value and also guarantee the collection of the remaining amount, so then the fulfillment of the anticipated requirements at art. 349 of Law 906 of 2004, constitutes a requirement of origin for the cases where the active subject had obtained an increase in assets for himself or a third party as a result of the punishable conduct, which for the case would be that of the Illicit Enrichment of Individuals “.

In his decision, the magistrate of the Criminal Chamber indicated that beyond acknowledging their guilt, the accused, as the Public Ministry warned against the other procedural subjects, andAt no time did they reach any kind of agreement to return the millionaire resources of which they would have appropriated.


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