Ramos maintains his determination to go to the Games in 2021

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Ramos maintains his efforts. It does not resign. He is determined to play an Olympic Games and wants to fulfill the only vector that is missing in his career. Afterwards, the Spanish coach will decide whether to call him up, but the Real Madrid captain does not throw in the white towel and wants to be in Tokyo 2021 at the age of 35.

The postponement of the Games for a year hurts all athletes who had their season planned in that goal and makes it especially difficult for athletes who live the final stretch of their career. This is what happens with Pau Gasol, with the incombustible García Bragado, with the impressive Alejandro Valverde, with Mireia Belmonte and with Sergio Ramos, among other figures in Spanish sport. The five consider Tokyo 2021 as their last Olympic occasion. For the footballer it will be the first and last.

“Now everything is secondary, the important thing is to help,” says Ramos, who has made an important health donation through Unicef

The SR4 world has a lot of windows open from today until 2021. He turns thirty-four in three days, on March 30, and this summer, regardless of what happens in the League and in the Champions League, he It presents him with a first particular front: renewal with the club that has made him great in the world.

His contractual relationship with Real Madrid ends in June 2021 and at the premiere of the following campaign, in August, he will speak face to face with the President to attack his future. Everything is parked for the end, today unknown, of this course. It will be a direct dialogue.

The white club has the policy of offering annual contract extensions to footballers in their thirties and the extension of the agreement until June 2022 will be analyzed.

When the Eurocopa and the Games arrive he will be 35 years old and it will be very hard to combine these two competitions in a short space of time

Renew or not, the central has set those two sports goals next year: the Euro Cup and the Games, already completed at 35. We will see how his physical level is at those times. The truth is that his career helps him, since he has never had serious injuries and is endorsed by an average of 42 games per course over three decades at the White House.

Zidane has supported Ramos so far in his desire to be an Olympian, but playing those two competitions within a year may be too much after a season that looks very concentrated, at the expense of what happens in the postponed now.

Real Madrid thinks about their interests and did not want Ramos to play the Games and the Euro Cup with a distance of a few days, since it was an excessive effort that the defense can pay dearly in the premiere of the following campaign, which will logically join late. The situation is now postponed for twelve months, but the positions will be the same.

“Now you have to help.” All these pending issues have gone into the background for Ramos today due to the pandemic that affects us all. The Madrid captain is a UNICEF ambassador and has donated to the Spanish health, through this body, an important batch of medical equipment, consisting of 15,000 virus detection tests, 264,571 masks and 1,000 individual protection equipment. This material is scheduled to arrive today in the capital of Spain. «We (Pilar Rubio and him) have made an important contribution and all my colleagues and the club have participated with UNICEF. We all have to help, “said the white captain. .


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