Ramy Radwan on the deterioration of Dalal Abdel Aziz’s condition due to her knowledge of Samir Ghanem’s death: “A lie.”

The journalist, Rami Radwan, said that his family went through difficult circumstances during the last period, which ended with the death of the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, adding during the “Evening Dmc” program broadcast on the dmc channel: Four or 5 months we spent they were lifeless in difficult circumstances, all the time we were trying to We are doing what we must do, we have done everything in our power, to be on the right path, and our hope was great in God that the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, would pass that malaise, but God did not want that.

And he added: “Sometimes, we often become the same, but God wants to suppress it, and He knows good from evil. God, praise be to God, we are satisfied with God’s decree, and surely our Lord has wisdom, and feelings of sadness may not allow us to see this wisdom.”

He continued, “Some pages shared a vision, and this vision was in which the artist Samir Ghanem wears the clothes of a groom and sits in a place called Dar Salam, and waits for his bride. We hope that God will have mercy on them and place them with the prophets, friends and martyrs.”

He said: “The last days, there were difficult health developments, until God’s judgment came, and in an Arab website, a writer said that the recent deterioration that occurred was caused by the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz’s knowledge of the death of the artist Samir Ghanem. of health.”

He added: “I thank all the officials, presidents, kings and princes in Egypt and the Arab world, past and present, who offered their condolences and sympathy, and especially the audience. The love of his Lord is the love of his servants.”

He continued, “What happened is not the end, it is indeed the end of their presence among us, but they are certainly in a better place, and I thank the audience who designed paintings, most notably the painting that bears two pictures of the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz and the artist Samir Ghanem.”

The journalist, Ramy, commented on the filming of some sites of the funeral of the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, and said: “If it were not for the documentation, we would not have documented the funerals of Egyptian figures such as presidents and senior artists, but the organization is necessary, and the topic is not confined to it only to journalists, and I hope it does not affect me, I do not blame them, this is Their job is to be documented, but for humanitarian considerations, they must remain. When we were transporting the body from the hospital to the mosque, there were more than one accidents that would happen because of filming, and mostly photojournalism.”

He added: “The car we were riding in, its windows covered with Famie, and that car was very close to our cars to get any shot, and is it logical that there would be violence and aggression in order to cause quarrels? The trend has dominated people, the story of the phone with a camera is a problem in situations like this.

And he continued: “At the mention of the citizens, some press sites circulated the news that I threw a journalist’s phone on the ground, which is not true. What happened was that I was leaving the cemetery in order to take condolences, and during my exit I could not get out, and a woman appeared and asked to intervene, claiming that she loves the artist Dalal Abdel My dear, and I told her she loved everyone but there was no room inside, and looking to my right, I found what she was claiming to love, she takes out her phone to get any shot from the inside, she gets nervous and throws her phone on the floor.

He added: “A while later, I found her in front of me, and I asked her on her phone, did she find him and did anything happen to him? She said that he was healthy, so I told her, “Excuse me, do not correct the situation you did.”

He said: “My message to the Supreme Media Council is that there should be an organizational form that respects the privacy, prestige and sanctity of the dead, and that it fulfills the purpose of press coverage. Is this impossible? It is not impossible and it can happen. And they have all my thanks and appreciation.”

He added: “At the moment of the artist’s funeral, Samir Ghanem, we found a person climbing over the tombs to photograph the artist Samir Ghanem as he entered the grave, and after the camera was withdrawn from him, he went to get Shoma, to hit whoever took the camera from him, I ask you all to pray for an artist Samir Ghanem and the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz, and remember in your prayers, Donia and Amy, that they grant them patience and serenity, because the injury is great and the moment is difficult for anyone, and they specifically have to stay away from art. We are talking about a very interconnected Egyptian family.


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