Range Rover D350 MHEV: march in line!

Range Rover D350 MHEV
March in line!

The driving behavior is still comfortable and relaxed

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Land Rover packs the new straight-six in its flagship. A combination that makes sense and is also a lot of driving pleasure.

Sure, the Range Rover will be replaced next year. Why do we write about this car anyway? First of all, this SUV is timelessly stylish and you are always well dressed, whether you drive to the opera or into the undergrowth. On the other hand, a new heart beats in the large engine compartment of the British gentleman. A new in-line six-cylinder diesel with a displacement of three liters and 258 kW / 350 PS and a maximum torque of 700 Newton meters.

In the Range Rover, this engine initially comes in three output levels, 183 kW / 249 PS, 221 kW / 300 PS and the current top version with 350 PS. We got behind the wheel of a Range Rover with this engine and wanted to know how the unit copes with the 2,350 kilogram battleship. The engine from the Ingenium series has a twin-scroll turbocharger, an injection pressure of 2,500 bar and the 48-volt mild hybrid system, which recovers energy when accelerating or taking off the accelerator and helps the six-engine when accelerating. This means that the engine should consume more than ten percent less than the 4.4-liter V8 diesel.

With that we already poured the vinegar into the wine. Because the time of the appropriate eight-cylinder diesel is over with the Range Rover. After all, the new engine should be able to do everything better and not be so heavy on the front axle. But paper and the theoretical weight distributions laid down there are patient; in practice it shows whether all these promises have substance. Yes they have. The six-cylinder is a worthy successor to the prestige diesel, kicks off the engine speed and heaves the five-meter-long luxury ship to 100 km / h in 7.1 seconds. The fact that propulsion ends at 225 km / h is far less important than the elasticity with which the unit does its work. Overtaking maneuvers on country roads go easily from the accelerator and you hardly measure the volume of the eight-cylinder at all.

However, the eight-speed automatic sometimes proves a little undecided which gear to choose and needs a little moment to sort it out. But that’s whining on a high level. The running smoothness and the noise development of the unit are also pleasant. In short, this engine is fun and meets expectations. Land Rover specifies an average fuel consumption of 9.2 liters per 100 kilometers; on our test drive, which mainly took us on country roads, we achieved 10.1 l / 100 kilometers.

The lower weight on the front axle has a positive effect when cornering, but that is of secondary importance in a car like this luxurious SUV. In a Range Rover – especially the Autobiography version. Fine leather, wood veneer and piano lacquer pamper all senses of the passengers. The very comfortable seats, which can be adjusted in all kinds of ways, go well with this. The air suspension does the rest. No matter how bad the road may be, the Range Rover is away from this common misery and making progress remains relaxed in every driving situation.

Infotainment cannot quite maintain this high level of flattery. The graphics and appearance have improved significantly in recent years, but the menu navigation and operation are nested and not easy to understand. In order to keep the navigation announcements quieter, it was not enough for these Range Rover to turn down the volume during the voice output, you had to do this in the menu. Ultimately, you get the impression that British entertainers did something differently, just to be different. However, it should not go unmentioned at this point that the latest version of the infotainment was not yet installed in this Range Rover. We were allowed to test this in other models and noticed a progress, but the somewhat strange menu navigation remains in some points.

In the end, there is the price for this car that is rolling to dealers these days. With currently at least 137,835.29 euros for the Autobiography version, this luxury vehicle still has its price. Even if the successor is just around the corner, this Range Rover is and will remain timeless.


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