Rapid investments needed to achieve 2030 Climate Agreement targets | NOW

Some goals of the 2030 Climate Agreement are already in danger if investments are not made quickly in the Dutch power grid, writes NRC based on a report from research bureau CE Delft.

One of the goals of the Climate Agreement is for industrial companies to produce cleaner. For example, by switching to electric boilers and heat pumps and no longer obtaining heat from natural gas. This requires an extension of the power grid.

Investments from companies and network operators are required to make the electricity grid more robust. This must be done in the short term, because other goals of the Climate Agreement will not be achieved. That is the conclusion of the study by CE Delft commissioned by the Dutch Sustainable Energy Association (NVDE), Netbeheer Nederland and Energie-Nederland.

According to the research, the lead times to realize investments in the Netherlands are often long. This concerns adaptations in industry and the built environment, the strengthening of the electricity grid and the additional generation of clean electricity. The new government should therefore immediately start with electrification and green hydrogen, to avoid getting caught up.

Quick decision-making to be able to adapt the network in time is necessary, according to the clients. They also believe that the shortening of permit procedures should be considered.


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