Rapper and influencer Brax dies at 21

The rapera e influence Brax.

Brax, American rapper and influencer, has passed away at the age of 21. This has been confirmed by Letricia Loftin, her mother, through Instagram.

“Our angel, Braxton Blue.B Baker has ascended. At the time of his ascent, he lay sacredly. There were no scratches, no bruises, his inner and outer being was completely pure. It was a spiritual release. God got back the angel who lent us“Loftin wrote on Instagram.

“Braxton was on a spiritual retreat, carefully crafting and making his art. Since then, has dedicated his art to humanity and healing, composing two albums and writing three novels. More recently, he was in the process of building his brand by fusing his love for fashion and her revolutionary work as a queer black woman, “she added.

“Braxton knew that God was working through her, she was the recipient of gifts permanently placed in her body. She knew that her brilliance and art would be shared with the world in God’s time. This is only the beginning, our whole being is dedicated to share their sacred art with the world, “added Loftin, who He did not give details about the causes of the girl’s death.

As Essence points out, the singer was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1998. In 2017 she rose to fame after sharing a musical project titled VERSE (atility). In 2018 he published a song titled Don’t Deny, and later released the song Lil Bitch. The artist was also very active on Instagram, where she had more than 100,000 followers.


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