The rapper, music producer and entrepreneur Dr. Dre was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, United States, after having suffered a brain aneurysm.

Sources close to the musician affirmed that the complication affected him last Monday and was rushed to the ICU of the mentioned health center where he remains until now, as reported TMZ.

The author of the album 2001 (1999) is “stable and lucid” and the necessary tests have been carried out to know the origin of the aneurysm, according to the aforementioned medium.

Dr. Dre is known for having worked as a producer alongside artists like Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg.

In addition, he is going through a divorce process that has cost him millions of dollars, where he alleged that he has paid both his wife’s expenses and the work of his lawyers. Precisely, for this Wednesday they had a hearing set.

According to United States National Library of Medicine brain aneurysm is a abnormal widening in the wall of an artery in the brain and they usually do not give symptoms until they grow, leak blood or rupture.

A droopy eyelid, double vision or vision changes, pain above or behind the eye, a dilated pupil, and numbness or weakness on one side of the face or body are symptoms that would affect someone with an aneurysm pressing on the nerves of their brain. .

The complication requires urgent medical attention, especially if it ruptures and its severity will depend on the size and location of it.