Rapper Biggie’s $ 6 plastic crown sold for $ 595,000

The crown had remained in the possession of Barron Claiborne, the photographer of this historic shoot for Rap Pages magazine, which took place in Manhattan on March 6, 1997, three days before the death of Biggie, who was murdered in Los Angeles.

The wreath, which was sold with three prints of Biggie’s legendary photo used for the Rap Pages front page, reached almost double the high estimate provided by Sotheby’s of $ 300,000 on Tuesday.

It was part of a thematic sale around hip-hop, which included certain objects directly related to the history of this movement and others inscribed in this culture.

In recent years, the major auction houses have organized sales of a new kind, in line with a new generation of collectors, from rare sneakers to skateboard decks.

With this hip-hop event, Sotheby’s is building on the popularity of rap, a genre that emerged in the 90s and has since become the most popular musical style in the United States.

During the sale, a set of 32 radio-cassette sets, emblematic of 80s hip-hop, was sold for 113,400 dollars, the second highest price of the evening.

Another remarkable lot, a collection of 22 love letters written by rapper Tupac Shakur, Biggie’s former friend and then rival, when he was a teenager in Baltimore, left for $ 75,600.

Part of the profits from these auctions will be donated to associations, including Building Beats, which promotes emancipation through music.


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