Rapper brags in clip about getting rich fraudulently, justice catches up with him – vidéo

American rapper Nuke Bizzle, who boasted in a clip of having made money on unemployment benefits paid because of the health situation, was arrested for fraudulently obtaining more than $ 700,000, the US Department of Justice announced on Friday. .

Rapper Nuke Bizzle, real name Fontrell Antonio Baines, has been arrested for fraud, The Hill reports, referring to a recent Justice Department statement.

In September Nuke Bizzle shared a clip in which he bragged about having enriched himself fraudulently thanks to unemployment benefits paid as part of a federal anti-Covid program.

The 31-year-old, who currently lives in California, staged a scheme asking for more than $ 1.2 million in benefits, prosecutors said.

A scam with 92 debit cards

He owned and used 92 debit cards issued by the California Employment Development Department (EDD) on behalf of third parties, including victims of personal data theft.

He and his accomplices have reportedly obtained more than $ 704,000 (approximately 600,000 euros) through cash withdrawals, including in Las Vegas, as well as by purchasing goods and services.

The clip, starring Fat Wizza, was posted to YouTube on September 11. The rapper was arrested by Las Vegas police on September 23. He had eight debit cards with him, seven of which were in other people’s names.

Charged with three offenses, including ATM fraud, aggravated identity theft and interstate transportation of stolen goods, he faces 22 years in prison.

Other scams with the helper program

Nuke Bizzle is not the first to take advantage of the federal anti-Covid aid program.

In July, a Florida resident was indicted for fraud after appropriating nearly four million dollars (3.2 million euros) in federal aid intended for the payment of salaries to his employees.

During his arrest, federal agents seized a Lamborghini worth 318,000 dollars (272,000 euros) and $ 3.4 million in his bank accounts.

In August, another American, this time in Texas, was arrested for using $ 1.6 million in government anti-Covid aid to afford a Lamborghini and other luxury items. The Texan’s car cost only $ 200,000 (169,000 euros).


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