Rapper Gims walks with a gun in his trunk (video)

The famous rapper Gims appeared in a video posted on social networks with a gun he handles in the trunk of his car.

As fans eagerly await the release of his promised 100% rap album, Gims filmed himself repositioning a sniper rifle which, obviously, takes up a large part of its trunk, before setting it down carefully.

If you look for me, ana fi dar”, Which means:“if you are looking for me, i’m home”: Can we read in the caption of the video. This sentence is taken from his piece Ana Fi Dar, released in 2018 and extracted from the album Black belt.

Internet users are wondering if it is a dummy or real weapon. Hoping that it is a dummy weapon, if it was real, we are tempted to ask what could push Maître Gims, now Gims, to go out armed.

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