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Rapper Sprite rises to become one of YouTube’s most popular hits of 2021.

Thai Rath Edition

2 Dec 2021 6:01 a.m.

Reporters reported that on December 1, 2021 Youtube (YouTube) has announced the video results receivedThe most popular of the year 2021, the data collected as of November 2021. The most popular video in the music video category, No. 1, in line with the young rapper’s song “Thon”.sprite” or Sprite x Guygeegee of HYPE TRAIN, which is the first Thai song to make history at number 89 on the Billboard Global chart, while the country song continues to be popular with 6 out of 10 of the top music video. Popular is Luk Thung song, while No. 2 is Isaan luk thung song. “Ban Phi Sakon Nao Nai” from the channel of superstar Luk Thung Kong Huai Rai, No. 3 song Phaeng Ai from Sophana CHANNEL, No. 4 song “Puen play, not play friend”, Gene Lab channel, and No. 5 is the song “Movie “Old” by Lukthung singer Nescafe Srinakorn. Ranks 6-10 include Lisa Blackpink’s song ‘LALISA’, love songs should have two, saliva songs (Lie), symptom songs. and the last page of the calendar

The video in the general category is the most popular in Thailand. 1. The Legend of the Dragonfly Skizztv from PASULOL Channel 2. “Happy Children’s Day Pimri Pie Arrange Yai for Nong On Doi Sung” from Pimry Pie Channel 3. “Kay Kai Reaction Clip Pride Channel SPD from Kae Kai Slide the Thai creators with the most followers in the country

As for the most popular creator category of the year, No. 1, SpriteDer SPD channel 2.zbing, Thai game creator cassette player with the 2nd most followers in the country with more than 15 million followers 3.PRIMKUNG 4. Pimry Pie 5.MNJ TV channel for casting games as well.

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