RATP strike: he climbs into the RER through the window and becomes a hero on Twitter – video

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Unusual – Here is an image of the strike in Ile-de-France transport which has the merit of making us smile: a young man who hoped to be able to enter a RER D train and find a seat there has found a subterfuge. He went out the window. A video that has necessarily gone viral.

The strike against the pension reform continues. And even if the mobilization fades over the days, getting around Ile-de-France remains complicated for many suburban residents. The lack or absence of the metro, RER and Transiliens forces Ile-de-France residents to use their imagination to get around.

When teleworking is not possible, most of them use carpooling and alternative means of transport such as electric bikes, scooters and, mainly for Parisians, walking. But when none of these options is possible, it is on the crowded trains of the RER network that workers and students meet. And sometimes, to get on the train, it takes patience, skill … or flexibility and imagination. Two qualities demonstrated by the young Fabio. For the past week, this preparatory student has been the darling of social media thanks to a video: she shows him getting on a RER D train by the window!

Contacted by the HuffPost, Fabio, 20, explains: “We were at Gare de Lyon with a friend, we were going to Melun, and we ended up on the platform far from the gates. And on the RER D, if you are far from the doors, you risk not being able to get into the wagon. So we saw an open window and we decided to go through the window. And since it was a terminus, we had seats“.

In a few days, the video has been viewed more than 2 million times, especially on Twitter. A success such that the new hero of this strike against the pension reform has difficulty concentrating on his studies in preparation and the preparation of his competitions in business school.

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