Razer Summer Sale is up to 40% off, with discounts on keyboards, mice, glasses and more gaming accessories


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Razer’s official website is launching summer deals, and many products are getting huge discounts, the most prominent of which is the Anzu Bluetooth Audio Glasses, which are up to 40% off in the special sale, and more gaming accessories and kits are available. Shop, it’s time to change your gear for the new challenges of summer.

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Razer Anzu Smart Glasses



Bluetooth Open Audio Glasses Razer Anzu Equipped with blue light lens to protect eyes, support touch function to control music playback, and built-in omnidirectional microphone to activate voice assistant function. In addition, because it adopts the Bluetooth 5.1 standard, it can provide low-latency performance of at least 60ms, and the body also has IPX4 waterproof function to prevent it from being attacked by sweat or rain. As for battery life, the glasses can be used for 5 hours on a single charge, and the standby time is up to two weeks.

Anzu is now offering a 40% discount on Razer’s official website, from HK$1,590 to HK$629, a huge discount of HK$691. For users who are interested in glasses-type speakers, this will be a good price to try.

Click here to buy Razer Anzu — HK$629

Razer Naga Trinity



The best thing about the Razer Naga Trinity is that it offers interchangeable side panels with 2, 7 and 12 button arrangements, allowing you to change the mouse whenever your game demands. , which can be used interchangeably according to your needs. When playing MMORPGs such as “Final Fantasy XIV”, you can install a 12-button side panel to easily set up “macro”; 6-button side panel allows you to cast skills or use props more quickly when playing different MOBA games; and 2 The keyed side panel will have a better experience in hand feel and perform well in daily use.

Naga Trinity’s official website is launching a 20% discount from the original price of HK$799 to HK$639, saving HK$160.

Click here to buy Naga Trinity — HK$639

Razer Huntsman TE

The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition uses a self-developed linear optical key shaft, with an optical trigger distance of only 1 mm and a trigger action at the speed of light, ensuring instant response to every key press. In addition, it uses dual injection molded PBT keycaps, with a solid surface that can withstand heavy use, ensuring that the key labels will not wear out with use, providing excellent tactility and quality. In addition, the TKL’s numberless design makes it easier to place the keyboard, freeing up more space on the desktop.

The Huntsman Tournament Edition on Razer’s official website is offering a 30% discount, from the original price of HK$1,100 to HK$769.

Click here to buy Razer Huntsman TE — HK$769

Razer Kishi Mobile Controller

The new generation of cloud game services such as Stadia, GeForce Now and Steam Link make it possible for mobile phones to run 3A-level games. In order to play more smoothly, a handy controller is even more important. This Kishi has familiar joysticks, arrow keys and action keys, etc. It can be mounted on your mobile phone, allowing you to enjoy the experience of a console controller when playing games.

The Kishi controller for Android phones on Razer’s official website has been reduced from the original price of HK$649 to HK$369, a huge discount of HK$280.

Click here to buy Razer Kishi For Android — HK$369

Deadly Classic Pack



The Razer BlackWidow V3 green switch keyboard can bring users a crisp touch, and at the same time, it also emits a louder tapping sound, which is suitable for players who are looking for feel. In addition, it also uses double injection molding ABS keycaps, which will not wear out with use. The keycaps themselves also have a certain thickness, which can withstand uninterrupted long-term heavy use.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 mouse features an ergonomic design while reducing weight for greater comfort. It uses its own Razer Focus+ optical sensor with up to 20,000 DPI and 99.6% resolution accuracy, which can accurately track subtle movements and provide excellent aiming accuracy when playing FPS games.

The Deadly Classic Pack, which includes BlackWidow V3 and DeathAdder V2, is now reduced from the original price of HK$1,698 to HK$1,369, a savings of HK$329.

Click here to buy the Deadly Classic Pack — HK$1,369

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