Razer unveils futuristic goggle with fan, lights and voice amplifier

At the start of the pandemic, when there was a global shortage of masks, many digital players decided to produce protective equipment against the coronavirus. For example, Apple has embarked on the production of visors protection for nursing staff. On the internet, we could also find tutorials for making reusable masks to be printed in 3D.

And for its part, Razer, specialist in gaming devices, has embarked on the production of masks. “This emergency conversion of some of our production lines, and the donation of masks is the first step in many of the actions Razer will take. We are committed to devoting our time, resources, efforts and talents to the fight against the COVID-19 virus ”, explained the company in March.

Razer presents its mask of the future

And in early 2021, during CES 2021 (virtual), Razer unveiled a futuristic mask concept called Project Hazel. “Since the onset of the pandemic, Razer has been proactive in the fight against COVID-19, including converting its manufacturing facilities to produce certified medical masks and donating one million surgical masks to the line of healthcare front as part of its Razer Health initiative ”, recalls Razer today.

“A natural progression and evolution of this initiative, Razer’s Project Hazel Multi-Purpose Smart Mask addresses the increased focus on hygiene and preparedness for unanticipated health risks as well as the environmental issues of disposable masks, while improving characteristics of a reusable personal protective mask ‘, indicates the company.

An N95 mask with a fan and a microphone

First of all, Razer says the Hazel mask provides N95 level respiratory protection. The company states that its high efficiency bacterial filtration “Smart Pods” filter at least 95% of airborne particles. And to optimize the breathability of this mask, Razer has equipped it with a rechargeable fan.

In addition, to facilitate interactions when the user will wear this mask, it has a transparent design, allowing facial expressions to be revealed. The mask also has interior lights that will allow the wearer to show off their facial expressions, even in the dark.

And since wearing the mask can muffle the user’s voice, the Hazel mask is also equipped with a microphone as well as a voice amplifier. In essence, compared to traditional masks, Project Hazel offers something that seems to have come straight from the future.

At the moment, this is only a concept

But unfortunately this is only a concept at the moment. According to Razer, the Hazel goggle will continue to be optimized through rigorous testing and user feedback to ensure standards are met and to improve comfort. Design changes are also planned by the company.

Also, at the moment, it is not known when this mask will be available on the market. “Razer recognizes the uncertainty on the road ahead, and so it was our duty to help protect members of our community and prepare them against unseen threats.”, said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer. “The Project Hazel smart mask concept is functional, yet comfortable and useful for interacting with the world, while maintaining a sociable aesthetic. “

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