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RBD is one of the most successful and popular bands in Latin America. The Mexican pop group was created by Pedro Damián, within the telenovela “Rebelde”, on October 4, 2004. Since then they managed to reap great successes and travel the world with their music until their separation, their last concert was in Madrid on 21 December 2008.

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Twelve years later Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez y Christopher Von Uckermann, members of RBD, they joined their voices in a virtual concert called “Ser o Parede”, which was held via streaming on December 26 of last year. The expected reunion was a trend on social networks where videos and images of the show were viralized, with the presence of almost all the members of RBD, except for Dulce María and Poncho Herrera.

Recently, the millionaire amount that was obtained with the sale of tickets was revealed. To the virtual concert of RBD Around 320 thousand people from 20 countries were connected, including Canada, Brazil, Japan and, of course, Mexico.

The virtual concert called “Being or Seeing” was held via streaming on December 26 of last year (Photo: Anahí / Instagram)

“The official figures for this concert were that around 320 thousand fans from 20 countries around the world were connected, from Mexico, the United States, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Romania and Japan. The sale of ‘streaming’ generated more or less as 11,250,000 dollars (just over 224 million pesos), that is, a fortune “, said Martha Figueroa, host of the program” HOY “.

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For his part, Pepillo Origel mentioned that he thought that Anahí would not participate in the reunion; However, he stressed that the singer was the most enthusiastic about the show. “How beautiful is Anahí (…) I thought that the one who was not going to participate would be Anahí, I always thought she was not, but she was the most enthusiastic of all,” he said.

In the virtual concert “Ser o parede”, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann performed their most successful songs such as “Save me”, “Teach me”, “Tras de me”, “Inalcanzable”, “Just stay in silence” , “This heart” and many others. The fury of the fans was evidenced in social networks where RBD was a trend.

During the presentation of the Mexican pop group, what stood out the most was the tribute that the singers paid to Dulce María and Poncho Herrera, who could not be part of the show, dedicating the song “No pares” to them.


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