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“Real corona death rate is much higher! Be fooled! “- The Daily Standard


PVV leader Geert Wilders declares RIVM war. The anti-virus agency keeps the number of world-made deaths that fall from corona less than the actual number, writes ZEMBLA. The opposition leader does not like that and angrily exclaims that we are being “fooled”.

A rather explosive story from ZEMBLA today. Although the death toll in the Netherlands as a result of the coronavirus is increasing rapidly, the actual mortality rate is even higher. The body that coordinates the corona crisis, RIVM, reports a lower number than what it should be. GPs in trouble spots such as Brabant are very concerned.

The medium writes:

“General practitioners:” Untested patients who die of corona are missing in RIVM death rate “

Several GPs from Brabant let Zembla know that they only have to report to the GGD the deaths of those who have been proven to have had COVID-19.

General practitioner Angela van Uden from Sint-Oedenrode: “I think it’s a crazy state of affairs. As general practitioners, we also see people who are deathly ill in the home situation. Not everyone ends up in the hospital. If these people die at home, they are not counted if they have not been tested. I think that’s a bad thing. Precisely because RIVM said yesterday that the situation appears to be stabilizing. They base this on mortality rates and hospital admissions, among other things. But we general practitioners see and treat people who do not appear in these figures. I am afraid that people will ignore the strict measures, and think: it is not so bad. But it is not easy. “”

And that is not well received by Geert Wilders, who is downright pissed off responds:

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World News :

“Unbelievable, we are therefore fooled by the RIVM about the Corona mortality rate that turns out to be much higher.”

Hague sources confirm that the ZEMBLA story is indeed true. RIVM has not responded to Wilders’ comment that it would fool everyone. However, the organization is actively working to accuse anyone who criticizes the agency of spreading “fake news”, even if this is clearly not the case.

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